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Occupational Hygiene & Hazardous Materials

Engage EAPL to confirm your potential work place exposures with a qualified assessment.

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Hazardous Materials Identification

EAPL provides a comprehensive range of inspection and analytical services to identify hazardous materials at your work place.

Our Workplace Health and Safety monitoring services are extensive and include sampling and testing of Asbestos and other Hazardous Materials (lead and refrigerants), Noise and Ventilation.

We engage with small DIY renovators through to project managers of large remediation programs. EAPL’s experts have executed scopes in both project management and compliance monitoring.

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Potential Exposure Assessments

We provide compliance testing for asbestos and other hazardous materials and conduct risk management services for both public and private entities. We manage large remediation programs across single buildings right through to entities with multiple sites.

  • Strategic Partner

    EAPL forms lasting professional relationships with our clients. Our deep technical expertise and understanding of your workplace concerns places us in an ideal position to consult with you on your medium and longer terms issues. We can tailor bespoke monitoring programs that provide you the accurate and reliable data to highlight the unknown and improve Workplace Health & Safety.

  • Asbestos Testing

    EAPL provide comprehensive testing to identify and assess the presence of asbestos, including asbestos fibre counting, asbestos fibrous identification in bulk and soil samples. We provide NATA ISO 17025 endorsed test certificates and/or waste classification for subsequent material disposal.

Potential Exposure Assessments
  • Asbestos Surveys

    Survey for and identify asbestos-containing materials within structures through clearance inspections. We provide inspection and clearance certifications, asbestos management plans and independent asbestos register development and reviews. Work practices are NATA accredited to ISO 17020 and performed in accordance with Western Australian WHS Regulations.

  • Hazardous Materials Testing

    Test for hazardous materials, including lead in paint, to ensure the safe handling and disposal of hazardous substances while adhering to regulatory standards. We provide NATA ISO 17025 endorsed analysis certificates.

  • Hazardous Materials Survey

    Mitigate potential risks to human health and the environment, including lead, lead in paint and refrigerants by testing and confirming the presence of hazardous substances. Obtain regulatory compliance and gain NATA ISO 17020 endorsed clearance certificates.

  • Workplace Health & Safety

    Assess potential risks to health and safety and ensure compliance with  workers’ air quality exposure limits. We provide asbestos audits, workplace dust and welding fumes measurement, risk assessments, asbestos awareness training, and remediation programs.

  • Noise Monitoring

    EAPL’s team measure ambient noise levels to identify sources and gauge impact on well-being. Where required, proposed solutions for noise reduction through a comprehensive survey and analysis can be provided.

  • Surface Ventilation

    Through evaluating airflow patterns, examining ventilation systems, analysing air quality parameters, EAPL can suggest enhancements to ensure efficient and healthy air circulation through a comprehensive ventilation survey.

    EAPL can act on behalf of your company as Ventilation Officer conducting independent work place testing as part of a valuable internal resource.

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Our Approach

EAPL takes the time to thoroughly understand your work place setting and the potentials for exposure prior to designing your inspection program. We inspect the site to gather samples of potential concern and confirm potential exposure issues with NATA accredited analysis. Our findings inform a comprehensive report that offers practical solutions to effectively address potential exposure and regulatory challenges. Where possible potential solutions for improving Workplace Health & Safety are recommended.

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Frequently asked questions

What does NATA mean?

The National Association of Testing Authorities is the recognised national accreditation authority for analytical laboratories and testing service providers in Australia.

Who conducts your NATA-accredited asbestos analysis?

EAPL conducts asbestos analysis in our internal ISO17025 NATA-accredited laboratory.

Can you conduct mine site sampling for noise and air quality?

Yes. We have certified noise officers and mine air quality officers (MAQO) who can sample on-site and provide reportable data.

What samples determine indoor air quality?

We can test for a wide range of analytes, including asbestos, ototoxins, welding and acid fumes, crystalline silica and inhalable/respirable dust.

Do you do large-scale asbestos surveys?

We have completed asbestos management surveys ranging from single buildings to 50+ property surveys, working alongside both government and private entities.

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