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EAPL is able to assist with your asbestos testing. We can come to you for on-site sampling or you can collect the sample yourself following the instructions in the EAPL Asbestos Sampling Kit.

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How to Sample Asbestos


Decide who is taking the sample

Depending on your level of experience with asbestos management you may already know how to safely sample asbestos. If you are not confident, you can order sample collection kit which comes with instructions for safe sampling of suspected materials. Alternatively, EAPL can come to your site and collect the sample for you. Please get in touch with us if you require our on site assistance.


Place your order

If you have decided you need a sampling kit you'll need to order and wait for it to arrive before sampling. The kit contains all you'll need - instructions, P2 flat fold face mask, grip lock polythene sample bags and return envelope. The price of the kit includes testing of one sample, if you have more than one sample you'll need to order additional tests to make sure every sample is tested. If you not sampling with our kit just make sure to order a test for every sample you collect.


Safely sample

Once you have safely collected your sample (doesn't need to be bigger than a 50c piece) make sure its double bagged so it can be safely handled in transit. The Chain of Custody must be completed and returned to us with your samples. Please deliver or post samples to our laboratory: Unit 6, 35 Sustainable Ave, Bibra Lake, WA 6163.

Download Chain of Custody (CoC)

Receive test results

We operate from a NATA accredited asbestos testing laboratory to ensure accurate, tracible, and defensible results. Our specialists will test your materials and send you a NATA-accredited certificate of analysis within 72 hours of receiving your sample.


Frequently asked questions

How big does the sample need to be?

The sample only needs to be the size of a 50-cent piece. Make sure it’s double-bagged before it’s safely delivered to our Bibra Lake Laboratory.

How do I safely sample a material that I suspect could be asbestos?

Purchase our sample kit online. It comes to you in the post with instructions, P2 flat fold face mask, grip lock polythene sample bags and return envelope.

What is a Chain of Custody (CoC) form?

This form provides a record for our laboratories and yourself of the description of the sample being taken and who has responsibility for it during its journey from the sampler to the analyst. This is the form to describe your sample as it will appear in your certificate of analysis. This form allows us to return your results to you in a manner that is easy to interpret.

It’s essential that it’s completed and returned with the sample.

Please check the correct email is on the form so you will receive the results.

Do I need to buy a sample kit and an asbestos test?

If you already know how to safely sample your suspected material, then you do not need to purchase a sampling kit. Simply purchase a test for each sample you have listed in your CoC. Then, just post or drop your double-bagged sample to us, and we can do the test for you.

Please address your sample to Unit 6, 35 Sustainable Ave, Bibra Lake, 6163.

How long after I order my Sampling Kit will I recieve it?

We wish we had better information to answer this question.

Your sampling kit is sent to you within 24 business hours of receiving your order via Australian Post.

Australian Posts current advice for deliveries times is 5-15 days. Stay in touch with us if you have concerns in delivery delays.

How do I get my sample to you?

Purchase your sample test online and drop your double-bagged sample to us or post it to us in the mail. We will then do the test for you. Please address your sample to Unit 6, 35 Sustainable Ave, Bibra Lake, 6163.

How will I receive the results from the test?

If you have completed payment, a Certificate of Analysis will be sent to the email address supplied to us in your Chain of Custody (CoC) form within 72 hours of the sample arriving at our Bibra Lake Laboratory.

What does NATA mean?

The National Association of Testing Authorities is the recognised national accreditation authority for analytical laboratories and testing service providers in Australia.

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